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M-SEX does not provide crisis support or other support services.

If you need support in Australia, please reach out to one of the external services listed below.

1300 MH CALL

1300 642 255

1300 MH CALL (1300 642 255) is a confidential 24/7 mental health telephone triage service that provides the first point of contact to public mental health services to Queenslanders.

Mental Health

1800 Respect

1800 737 732

National sexual assault, domestic family violence counselling service available 24/7

Domestic Violence Support

Aboriginal Counselling Services

0410 539 905

Counselling services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (All states and territories, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples)

Mental Health


1300 224 363

Mental Wellbeing support

Mental Health

Brother-to-Brother hotline

1800 435 799

An Aboriginal Men's crisis and support line for issues including family violence issues, parenting issues, communication, separation, or relationship stress. The line is staffed by Aboriginal Men, including Elders, to promote a culturally-safe service.

Crisis and Support Phone Lines

Bush Support Services

1800 805 391

Free and confidential psychological support for all rural and remote health workers and their families, includuing debriefing about workplace incidences, improving stress management skills, strengthening interpersonal relationships, or understanding complex problems.

Crisis and Support Phone Lines

Clinic 34

Clinic 34 is a sexual health service that provides testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, emergency HIV prevention medication, condoms and the emergency contraceptive pull, referral for GPs and other primary health carers, and a needle and syringe program outlet.

Sexual Health


Empowering all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online

Online Safety

Get Healthy NSW

1300 806 258

A NSW Health service that provides support and motivation in reaching healthy lifestyle goals

Health (General)

Healthy Male: Andrology Australia

1300 303 878

A national organisation that provides information and faciliates action on men's health in collaboration with others, advocate for change, and empowers men and boys to take action on their health.

Health (General)

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