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Talking about technology and sex!

M-SEX has been a bit quiet as of late, as we've been very busy collecting data for a major component of the Men, Sex and Intimacy study.

However, we are pleased to note that our partner project TechSex was recently featured as part of the Future of Expert Series. Future of explores all aspects of sex and technology.

TechSex PhD candidate Lily Moor and TechSex and M-SEX Research Officer Dr Alexandra James teamed up to write about the TechSex project, exploring ethical, social, and legal dilemmas concerning advancements in technology for sex and pleasure.

In this article Lily and Dr James explore research concerning young people and their use of technology for sex and intimacy, trends in the use of technology for sexual pleasure, intimacy, and connection, and the murkiness of laws and ethics around technology and sex.

Lily and Dr James conclude with conceptualising what a future of sextech might look like, reminding us that in fact, the future is already here.

To find out more about the many projects under the TechSex banner, please visit!


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